Anonymous: what are your thoughts on danny brown? favorite songs?


Danny Brown is underrated as fuck. Real shit, he doesn’t get enough love because of how he presents himself and his voice but he really has some of the nicest music out right now.

I won’t even bother with favorite songs because I truly love his projects front to back. I’d just recommend XXX & Old

But I guess a few songs would be

  • Side A
  • Float On
  • Fields
  • Pac Blood
  • XXX
  • 25 Bucks
  • Greatest Rapper Ever
  • Dope Fiend Rental

Danny invites A$AP Rocky on stage

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Danny Brown @ Pitchfork Festival (7/19/14)

Aside from Lil B’s set last year, I think Danny Brown had the most energetic (and youngest) crowds I’ve seen at Pitchfork, the difference being that Brown had the talent and charisma to justify the near-hysteric response. The Detroit hip hop artist’s ferocious high-pitched raps and vibrant club beats made for one of the funnest sets of the weekend.

Setlist: Break It (Go) / Smokin & Drinkin / Express Yourself / Blueberry (Pills and Cocaine) / Lie4 / Handstand / I Will Side / B (Dope Song) / Monopoly / Bruiser Brigade / Kush Coma / 25 Bucks / Dip

View all my photos from Pitchfork Fest (Saturday) here.

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Bruiser Brigade album is coming this October. #Reign Supreme.


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