Danny Brown, Bowery Ballroom. 4/6/14 by me.

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Black Milk & Danny Brown “Black and Brown”


Danny Brown
The Loft, Lansing, Michigan
April 22, 2014


these pictures are awesome! and so is Danny’s hair!

Danny Brown - Greatest Rapper Ever

Danny Brown - S.O.S.

"I’m the first to breakfast, late for dinner"

- Danny Brown - The Hybrid

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"So n**** quit worrying, ‘bout what I’m doing,
Cause I couldn’t give a flying fuck about what you doing”

- Danny Brown – Shootin’ Moves

Close your eyes, I’m ‘bout to take you to a city
It ain’t pretty, it ain’t nowhere to go (It ain’t nowhere to go)

Time for some throwback music vids…

I’ve scoured the web for Danny’s old music vids, ain’t seen any on tumblr, so I guess this is an exclusive! haha!


Club goers at Bowery Ballroom this past Sunday got a special musical treat courtesy of rapper Danny Brown and a few of the homies. Along with ZelooperZ, Dominican flags were out strong as friend to FRANK and Spanish Harlem’s very own Bodega Bamz took the stage as well. East Side, Up Top!

Check out the rest of the photos at FRANK151.com

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